Whisper Gathering

"A Life Changing Weekend!"

Upcoming events include: Whisper Gathering Mississippi April 26-28, 2024 Tishomingo ,MS Whisper Gathering Iowa Fall 2024 Location and dates TBA

Welcome! The Whisper Gathering is a life-changing three-day retreat for Christian women. It equips participants to be still and hear the still small voice of God and encourages a lifelong walk of obedience and discipleship. The Whisper weekend is filled with great worship, in-depth Bible study, introspection, lots of laughter, new friends, and (it's a tradition) nightly s'mores. The name comes from Elijah's experience described in 1 Kings 19:12. When the Lord passed by, His voice was audible in the "sound of a gentle whisper."

If you want to take a step closer to our Lord, consider joining us for the next Whisper Gathering.

What happens at Whisper Gathering?

Great worship. Solid Biblical teaching. Small group work. Deep sharing. Crafts. Cabin choirs. Lakeside morning devotions. Lots of great food. S'mores every night. Laughter. Fun. Chocolate. We leave refreshed, renewed, restored.


Last October, my prayer life was changed forever (for the better). I met up with some strangers on the Internet (sorry Mom) in a state I’d never been to, and went to my first ever Whisper Gathering prayer retreat. I can never put into words how much I needed that prayer retreat (and I’m a writer 😂).
God showed up big at Whisper 2022. We saw women eager for God. Wives and mothers interceding for their families, and grand mamas relentlessly standing in the gap for their grandchildren. God stirred up a boldness and a gentleness in these women that I wholeheartedly believe God is using to pull families and communities closer to Him. It was an incredible weekend. And when all was over and the weekend was done it was clear to so many of us that God Himself was far from done. This freedom that He was giving wasn't confined to just that one event. We're beyond excited to gather for the next one!

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