Whisper Gathering

Whisper Gathering 2022

Whisper Gathering 2022 was live and in-person this year and it was terrific!  Our theme was Choosing Kingdom Success in a Me-First World.

All the traditions you treasure were back, plus a few new ones we loved and want to keep. #Smores#repentancebowl#cabinchoirs #silence #Saturdaycommunion Registration opened at 1:00 pm Thursday with lots of at-your-own-pace activities for the afternoon. (Games. Art. Prayer Walking. Coffee/Tea bar. Naps. Hikes…)

Our Thursday evening session started and ended with an altar call and a season of repentance. It was so powerful everyone asked to make it a new tradition. Why? By early repentance, we prepared our hearts to hear the Word of God and allow it to penetrate our hearts and lives and it was life-changing. Our end-of-session repentance time allowed us space to respond to God’s call from the Scripture lesson.

The weekend Bible study was from Ruth chapter one and focused on choosing worldly failure to gain kingdom success. All our activities centered around this theme–from Bible study to painting our story to communion and more.