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Start the day with Repentance

Scripture tells us Jesus’ ministry began with a call to repentance. (Mark 4:15) Acknowledgement of and repentance for sin is not only the first step to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, it is also the key to intimate relationship with Him.Perhaps the most important part of the Whisper Gathering, and the secret to its success, is our emphasis on repentance. Our weekend begins with a lesson about the importance of repentance, a call to self-examination, and an opportunity for a hands-on demonstration of our surrendered, repentant heart. Because repentance is not a one-and-done event in the life of a believer, we offer daily opportunities for self-examination and repentance. Our goal is to steward the spirit of repentance until all the work is done. Only then can we fully embrace the joy and deep, abiding intimacy of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Does repentance sound hard and scary? Don’t worry. The Repentance Bowl exercise has become our most beloved tradition. As one young Teen Whisper attendee told us, “I learned repentance is fun.”