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Keeping Traditions

Traditions wasn’t our goal but when something worked we continued it. At Whisper #5 our favorite elements became traditions and a permanent part of the culture. A few of our fav’s include:

  • Daily directed repentance
  • A more traditional-style opening evening, followed by facilitated small group work the remainder of the weekend
  • The Repentance Bowl
  • S’mores 
  • Table choirs
  • Morning meditation/devotion lakeside
  • Pastor Robbie Crane leading Saturday morning meditation and communion
  • A long break on Friday afternoon for visits with new friends, work on cabin choirs, and (optional) naps
  • More laughter than tears​

It’s not all about tradition though. We add new element and surprises to every Whisper event. Interested? Why not join us. Our next event is September 26-28, 2020. Registration opens soon. We’ve love to see you there!